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Inland Transportation

K&K Global provides full range of inland transportation LTL (Less than a truck load), FCL (Full Container Load), Rail move, Break Bulk, Ro – Ro, Vehicles, Boat and Yacht transportation. Our professional team will arrange and have your cargo picked up, loaded and safely transported from any point in US and Canada to desired destination overseas.

We will closely monitor all the shipping process and make sure your cargo will be delivered safely and on schedule. If customer requires additional survey of the shipment we may arrange sending certified surveyor to the cargo location. Survey fee will apply.

Inland Full Container Transportation

We provide live load and drop and pick FCL container moves. Live load container transportation involves: picking up an empty container from the container yard and deliver it to shipper warehouse facility or designated location. We provide the shipper with 2 hours free loading time and each additional hour is coming at extra charge. When the loading is completed it is recommended to seal the container and seal number to be listed on the packing list or loading dock receipt. The container will be returned back to the loading depot and start its international journey. If customer needs more time for container loading is recommended to chose drop and pick option. In drop and pick the carrier will deliver the container and leave it on a chassis. In this case the shipper will have more time for loading and securing the cargo, however drop and pick requires double run for the load which will double the cost of the inland freight transportation. Drop and pick is convenient when the shipper’s loading facility is not remote from the container yard the freight charges can be lower compared with live load detention charges per hour.

Inland Boat Transportation

We provide full service for inland boat transportation. We can survey and assure that the boat is ready for transportation. Before boat moving the following safety requirements will be completed. We work only with fully bonded and insured carriers to meet the customer satisfaction and cargo safety.

  • Remove the fuel and water from the holding thanks
  • Lower or remove the shedding on the top, antennas, spreaders, wind indicators.
  • All depths sounders, compasses etc. should be removed and secured inside the craft. All ports, hatches and windows should be locked shut and locking device taped over.
  • Major high cost removable items should be pointed to the driver at the time of the pick-up.
  • All cabinet doors, drawers should be secured shut.
  • Plastic or plexi-glass fly bridge windshield should be removed and stored inside the craft.

Inland Vehicles Transportation

We will provide you with quick and low cost vehicle transportation quote to any desired port of loading and have your vehicles shipped further abroad. We can arrange auto shipment from anywhere in the United States.

Break Bulk Inland Transportation

If you have oversized cargo and it needs to be moved – you can rely on our high professionalism and experience. We will try to find the most optimized, low cost and safety procedures for your oversized cargo. We may advise Flat Rack, Open Top, Step Deck or Platform move to port of loading based on cargo dimensions and loading modifications.