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FAK Freight All Kinds is general commodity description covered under one freight rate.

FAS - Free Alongside Ship is part of Incoterms when the seller is responsible for cargo clearance for export.

FCL - Full Container Load. is containerized cargo transportation, usually involves one shipper and consignee.

FD - Free Discharge

Feeder Service is vessel transportation between central transshipment ports to local ports.

FIO or FI / FO is abbreviation for free in and free out, it indicate only the ocean freight the shipper and consignee are responsible for terminal handling charges at origin and destination.

Flat Rack is container without side walls. Cargo can be side and top loaded.

FOB Freight On Board (Incoterms) the seller is responsible to deliver the cargo on vessel board. This is one of the most commonly miss used shipping term.

FOR Free on Rail

Freight Forwarder – agent acting on shipper or consignee behalf, facilitating cargo transportation.

Free Carrier (FCA) Incoterm of sale meaning the seller has delivered when the cargo is given to the carrier nominated by the buyer at the named place.

FPA Free of Particular Average is the most basic marine insurance. Payment will be process only under certain circumstances such as sinking, collision.

Free Out (FO) cargo recipient is responsible for terminal handling charges at destination.