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D&H - “Dangerous and Hazardous” cargo.

DDC - Destination Delivery Charge is accessorial charge, based on container size and covering carne operations and movement of the container in the terminal.  

Delivery Instructions – information for goods delivery issued by shipper.         

Demurrage - penalty charge invoiced to shipper or consignee for delaying the carrier’s equipment over the free time. The free time is stated in the shipping contract between the carrier and the freight forwarder or shipper.

Depot - Container terminal where empty containers can be pick up or dropped off..

Destination is the assigned shipping destination. Also destination is the place where cargo is handed to the consignee or agent.

Detention is carrier penalty charge billed to consignees or shippers for equipment (container) delaying over the allowed time. Detention applies to equipment, demurrage applies to cargo.

Diversion is the changing the shipping routing or the entire vessel.

Dock Receipt – document acknowledging receipt of cargo and description.

Door–to–Door is complete transportation service from shipper location to consignee facility.

Drayage is truck, inland transportation charge.

Dry Cargo is goods not requiring temperature control and not liquid.

Dunnage is material used for cargo protection and safety.

Dutiable Value the amount on which custom duties are calculated.