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C&F - Cost and Freight is defining terms of risk and cargo ownership transfer in the shipping process. Cost and Freight has been changed to Incoterms 2000.

CAF - Currency Adjustment Factor is surcharge for currency exchange fluctuation.

Cargo is merchandise, freight loaded on vessel.

Cargo Manifest is lists of all goods in customer shipment carried on vessel voyage.

Carnet is a document issued from customs, permitting transportation and crossing of international borders without paying duties or purchasing bonds.

Carrier is freight transportation party, which transport goods by rail, road, ocean and air.

Certificate of Origin is document indicating the origin of goods in international trade.

CFS - Container Freight Station is facility for loading and unloading containerized cargo.

Chassis is wheeled frame with locking devices on which container is transported.

CE is mark indicating European Union cargo standards for products imported in the EU.

CI – cost of insurance is based on the freight and transportation cost.

CIF Cost, Insurance, Freight

Classification is the process of proper number assignment on the goods for customs and statistical purposes.

Commercial Invoice - receipt for transaction between the exporter and the importer, indicating the goods value and description.

Consignee - shipping party, recipient of the cargo in the transaction.

Consignor - shipper in the bill of lading.

Consolidation – is the process of cargo shipping of several shippers to one destination under one bill of lading.

Container – metal box, used for goods transportation in international trade and transported on chassis, vessel and rail. Container may be 20’ Std, 40’ DV, 40’ HC, 45’, Reefer, Flat Rack, Open top, Platform, Tank.

Container Yard (CY)  is container storage facility, where the container are loaded or unloaded from the ship.

Customhouse Broker a licensed person or company, by the treasury department engaged customs goods clearance for the importer.

Customs Entry declaration made and duties paid by the importer for incoming foreign goods.

Cut–Off Time is the terminal deadline when the cargo can be delivered for loading on the ship.